Fanart or Fanserviceart?

****Warning, Rant Ahead!****

If you search DeviantArt you'll notice most Renamon art is sexual in some way. Bikinis, boobs, sexual poses, etc. The most popular pics are pretty much like that, she is either wearing a bikini or 'nude' with her butt out and a "Fuck me plz!" look on her face. I mean when I see all this stuff I'm like "What is all this crap?! Where is the REAL 'fanart'?!" instead of all this fanservice garbage... It's okay to have that kind of stuff once in while, I can tolerate quite alot of it, but when normal fanart is rare, it becomes a problem. Yes we all know Renamon can be drawn like a sexy furry, now make some REAL fanart... Are there any Renamon fans that don't look at her in sexual way? I'm starting to not think so... It's not like she's an obviously sexy character like Rouge or even Krystal, so it's strange she is treated as so 'sexual'... Maybe people like to make her sexy cause she is anthro and they think it's a challenge. But still, it's getting old... Does anyone like Renamon because she's just an awesome character?! :<

Most fans still have a sort of sexual thing for her, even though they might like her for her character also. But it's still annoying... I'd like to see someone who sees her in a purley nonsexual way... We need more of those fans to balance out the perverts.

Sexy art is far worse then hentai IMO because hentai isn't called 'fanart'. >_>'

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